Adrenaline Rush Nepal Favorite !

Nepal Rafting and Canyoning

Raft Trisuli and Marshyangdi and combine it with an amazing Canyoning adventure!

Spend one day rafting the best sections of two amazing and different rivers.  It is perfect for people looking for a complete Nepali rafting experience.   Then finish your time by experiencing the thrill of abseiling down waterfalls in the hidden canyons of Nepal.

First day we raft the Trisuli.  The Trisuli is a deep wide river with some sections of flat and then some of the biggest water you will see around on any day trip.  The major rapids during the day will pack a punch!  Also, it a great way to get the team working together in some big rapids before heading to the Marshyangdi the second day.

On the Marshyangdi we do a long day trip run much different than other companies.  We have found the best way to run this river.  It's one of our favourite wild rivers and I'm sure you will enjoy it.    We try spending as much time in the water as we can and love running safe fun trips down this river.

Finally on your last day change your gear a little and head into the canyons to experience a growing new adventure sport of canyoning.  Spend the day abseiling, swimming, jumping and sliding in a beautiful quiet canyon.

Each night you will come back to our very special Camp Iccha our home on the river.  Enjoy warm hot cooked meals, learn a bit about local cooking, and truly take in the special lifestyle that is true Nepali River life.   

Rafting - Kayaking - Canyoning - Nepal Adventure Package

This itinerary is similar to the first option.  This also has been a very popular trip.   Many people have swapped out a day of rafting the Marshyangdi to spend the day learning to kayak on the Trisuli River.  We teach you as much as we can in a true rapid introduction to white water kayaking before tackling some rapids.   We are one of the only companies offering this short introduction course.  Safety is our main priority as we get you one on one with the river.  We are happy to say that we have a perfect safety record in all our activities.

An excellent whirlwind trip that lets you experience three amazing and different adventure sports!


Trip Itinerary:

Day 1:  Depart 7:00AM Kathmandu, Pokhara, or Chitwan to the River
After around a 3 hour bus journey on the tourist bus; the safest way to travel on Nepal's wild roads.  We start off by rafting by far our favourite river here in Nepal.  We spend somewhere between 3-4 hours one the river with one stop for lunch and warming in the sun.  It is a great introduction to the big water of Nepal and certainly heads the top of Nepal's best short rivers. 

Option 1:  Day 2: Marshyangdi (only during Oct to middle-Dec and April-June)
Option 2: Day 2:  One day White Water Kayak Introduction

Day 3: Canyoning

Add on the full or partial Kayak Course if you have time!

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