World's Biggest Whitewater Trip

1 month Rafting and Kayaking in Nepal

8 River in 30 Days

We have created the monster of all white water rafting and kayaking trips because this is what we love.  White water rafting and kayaking is such an excellent blend of nature and adventure.  Spend your days smartly and safely navigating one of natures strongest elements.   All the while respecting and experiencing it's beauty.  River time is truly our sanctuary in this new fast world of dazzling technology.  This rafting and kayaking trip is just a way for us to get back and embrace what we love.  And we can't wait until this November for our first ever, World's Biggest Rafting Trip!  What is better than excellent days full of white water excitement?  Maybe evenings with campfires and sharing experiences with fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

This one of a kind trip takes you through all the major rivers of Nepal.  It is not only a chance to see why Nepal is one of the world's top whitewater destination.  But also an opportunity to explore Nepal itself.   Spending one month traveling through much of Nepal's small but diverse landscape.  Meet it's people, share in their culture, activities, and local foods.

This trip is for nature lovers who seek a little adrenaline.  Nepal is always about adventure, but never more so than with this trip.   Are you ready for the world's biggest trip?  Chances are if you're interest is peaked by this - you're ready.

The BIGGEST Rafting/ Kayaking Trip EVER !

Bhote Kosi
Sun Kosi
Upper Seti/Lower Seti

All these rivers in one amazing whitewater trip!

 Why? Because we love white water.

Who? Because you love white water, adventure, nature and travel.


Trip Details

2400 US$.  

October 20:       Meet for Dinner - Kathmandu
Meet at Adrenaline Rush Office and discuss details of your trip with the guides who are in town.   Most guides will be coming from the river early morning of the 23rd  with the gear and bus.   Hotel included. (If you need a hotel room earlier please let us know we can do this for you for 20$ a night.)

October 21:        Bhote Kosi Rafting - 1 Day - Grade 3/ 4*
Depart 7AM from Kathmandu, Thamel and drive 3 hours to the Bhote Kosi Starting Point.  Raft the world famous Bhote Kosi roughly two hours.  We continue to float as the river turns into the Sun Kosi and then find our camping for the night.  

October 22:        Sun Kosi - 7 Days - Grade 3 /4+ /5
Raft one of the most famous river trips in the world! The famous Sun Kosi.  For eight days we head down rafting, kayaking, camping and living on the river.  What more do we need to say. Last night we spend the night at a small guesthouse in Chatra, the small village at the end of the Sun Kosi.

October 29:        Tamur - 1 Day - Grade 4 (+)
After a hopefully good night's rest in Chatra, we wake up early and head for one of Tamur top sections.   It's lower section showcases this river and truly shows what sets this river apart from our other waters!    Then we pack up and head long overnight bus journey back to camp.

October 30:        Back to Trisuli/ Camp Iccha
Today is a complete free day.  You can spend the entire day in the hammock, learn to cook some Nepali dishes (if you haven't already), and take a walk around the local villages.   This day is designed for enjoying and relaxing and experiencing true Nepali village life.  We love spending time at our camp, our favourite place in Nepal, hopefully you will too.  

October 31:        Trisuli - 1 Day - Grade 3/ 4
Head off to our favourite river in Nepal.  Trisuli is just big water fun during this time.  This is a great day for an R2.   We return to camp for another quiet evening. 

November 1 -2:            Lower Seti - 2 Days - Grade 2/3
We drive less than an hour and a half from camp to get to the Seti River put in.  This is a great scenic trip that offers a few nice rapids throughout the trip.  You can choose and switch between your favorite choices of guiding, oar rafts, R2, and/or kayaking.  Or you can just relax on the raft on this beautiful river.   Return the evening of the 5th to our camp.  

November 3 -4:       Marshyangdi - Grade 4/3  
This technical steep river is full of thrills.  We usually raft roughly 2.5 - 3 hours on this river on the lower section, and about 1.5 hours or so on the steep upper section.  It's a fantastic day that showcases some of our favourite whitewater in the country.   

November 5:        Upper Seti - ½ Day Rafting - Grade 3/ 4
Meet 1PM at Adrenaline Rush Office- Pokhara-   (Feel free to come and hang out anytime or for any advice on everything Pokhara) Then we all head to the Upper Seti roughly 45 minutes drive from Pokhara.  This river offers us an  excellent and continuous rafting packed into roughly 1 hour rafting.  Depending how everyone feels we will do a second run if people are up for it.  Breakfast and dinner are not included this day - Free morning and evening.  Hotel is included.  

November 6 - 8:        Kaligandaki - 4 days -  Grade 3/ 4+
Meet 7AM at Adrenaline Rush Office - Pokhara and leave together for the journey to the river roughly 3 hours.  This Kaligandaki is one of Nepal's holiest rivers but we love it because of it's stunning scenery and excellent whitewater.  Spend 2 nights rafting, kayaking and exploring this amazing Nepali river.  Day 3 the water mellows before the dam and we float to our takeout before driving roughly 5 hours back to Pokhara.  Dinner is not Included.
 Hotel is included. 

November 9 - 10:    Rest Days
These are you main rest days that does not involve being on the water.  But if you can't resist and want to borrow a kayak for the lake, that's fine by us!  Enjoy it and use it to to do whatever you want.   This day always comes in handy for some quick laundry (drop it off the night before) or some western treats.  Pokhara is also a great place for excellent day hikes, biking, restaurants, paragliding and even excellent massage and spa treatments.   Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are not Included.  Dinner is Included on the 12th with group before Karnali.  Meet 7pm Adrenaline Rush Office for Dinner.

November 11:         Karnali - 9 Days -  Grade 3/ 4+
Depart from Pokhara 7AM.  Drive all Day/Night.  This journey is long and depends on traffic, we usually stop during the night and spend a couple hours resting at a guesthouse.  We arrive the next day on the river around lunchtime.   The Karnali is by far our favourite expedition river trip in Nepal and we are determined to run it as much as we can before the new dam is created in a couple of years!   Come join us. 

November 21:         Last Day / Party / BBQ
After around a 16 hour journey back from the Karnali take out we arrive once again at our quiet riverside camp in the early morning.   Rest and recoup day at camp with all your favourite new friends and guides before having a last night party and BBQ to celebrate our journey together.  

November 22:         Back To Kathmandu   
Say Goodbye (for now) and head back to Kathmandu by comfortable tourist bus.  If you have another destination picked out just let us know and we'll see what we can do to help.  We've had a lot of fun and can't wait to see you again one day soon.  Again our office in both Pokhara and Thamel are here to help you for any travel advice you may need.   You should arrive Kathmandu between 2-3PM.    No Lunch or Dinner Included This Day.  Hotel Room included. 


    •    Airport Pick-Up
    •    Rafting and Kayaking Equipment
    •    Guides and Safety Kayakers (also your amazing chefs on the river)
    •    All meals on the trip if not otherwise indicated as not included.
    •    Hotel Accommodations in Pokhara/ Kathmandu:  Double room with 2 persons.  If you would like a private room the price is an extra 20$ a night.  
    •    Camping on the river Share 2 Man Tent.  
    •    All transportation to and from the River and Kathmandu. 



    •    Personal Insurance/ Nepal Visa
    •    Any Flights
    •    Alcohol/luxuries
    •    Personal clothing/ Sunglasses/ sport sandals or river shoes

What's your passion?

Let us help you get it done on the Nepal's amazing waters!  

Interested in R2 or oar boats?  Maybe you are a young guide looking to work on your guiding skills?  Have you always been interested in whitewater kayaking?  Or are you already a whitewater kayaker looking to improve your skills or add some amazing rivers to your list? Or are you just a massive adventure enthusiast looking for the ultimate in whitewater?  

I'm sure there is something in this trip for everyone. We love whitewater and we love all those that share are passion.   Come join us for our biggest trip yet! 

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Join us for our next Biggest Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking Trip in October - November 2019 : 

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October 20th - November 22nd 2019

There is no better time than November to get out and experience all our Rivers.  This time is perfect for our guide and safety kayaker training, as well as rafters with all levels of experience looking for the ultimate trip.


May 2019

May is an excellent time as the waters begin to raise from the winter lows.  It's the perfect weather and time for a month long exploration journey into all our favorite rivers.  The May session is perfect for people of all levels of experience and our favorite time to teach whitewater kayaking.  We need at least 6 people to run this trip.

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